Solaire Digital BBQ Minute Timer- Item #SOL-TIMER-1


Solaire Minute Cooking Timer    SOL-TIMER-1

Is it ready yet? What if you’re over cooking it? Because of the precise heat output that Solaire BBQ Grills have, oftentimes; if you know the quality and thickness of the meat, you can know exactly when the food will be done just by timing it correctly. That’s how we cook our steaks and chops here at Grill With Infrared, and we know it works because we’re rewarded with delicious meals time & time again. Now you can too with this handy little grill timer for an assistant.

Solaire Minute Timer

  • Counts both up and down
  • Rear clip with magnet
  • Uses 1 AAA battery (included)


Use to help cook to perfection, or to see for yourself just how fast the hot fast grills are. Small white timer with gray buttons and the Solaire logo on it. Does not turn off; however, it uses such little power that battery replacement is rare.


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