Solaire Anywhere Marine Portable Infrared Grill with Warming Rack (includes carrying bag)- SOL-IR17MWR


Solaire Anywhere Marine Portable Infrared Grill with Warming Rack SOL-IR17MWR


Solaire Anywhere Marine with Warming Rack


Enjoy the power of Solaire Infrared cooking in a convenient 22 lb. portable package- this heavy duty gas BBQ grill is hand-built of 20 Gauge Type-316 Marine-Grade Stainless Steel with mirror polish accents that keeps on shining even with salt water spray environments. With a bulletproof electronic ignition system and proudly crafted in America by Americans, this compact Infrared BBQ grill will keep you cookin’ for many years to come, whether it be the Florida Keys, Lake Tahoe or 150 miles out in the Gulf of Mexico. Comes complete with durable vinyl carrying bag for your convenience and portability.


Features of the Solaire Marine Portable with Folding Warming Rack:


  • Cooks food fast, keeping more of the juices inside and creating a nice outer texture
  • 14,000 BTUs of infrared power that heats up in only 3 minutes to about 1000 degrees of direct heat at the grates
  • Weighs just 20 lbs.
  • Made from 20 ga. 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel
  • The marine grade stainless steel is more resistant to corrosion from salt water, making it the best material for use on and near the ocean
  • Overall dimensions: 21″ W x 13″ L x 12″ H
  • 14″ x 10″ V-grate grilling surface
  • Warming Rack 14 5/8″ x 4 1/2″
  • Includes Carrying Bag with pockets for three propane bottles
  • Use with 1 lb. Propane bottles (not included). Can be converted to work with 20 lb Propane tanks (SOL-SAHOSE6), Natural Gas lines (SOL-SANGC), or RV low pressure gas systems (SOL-SALPC)
  • Use all of the various accessories (including tripod, portable stand, mount adapter plate for Magma-brand boat mounts, and grid scraper)
  • Item #SOL-IR17MWR


The Solaire Anywhere Marine with Warming Rack is the best portable grill for boats. A small grill in a light and easy to carry form, the Anywhere Marine makes it easy to grill on the go with less worry about rust or corrosion from the sea. Our stainless steel grills are finely crafted with welded corners & seams, mirror polished accents, and designed with simplicity in mind, making it long lasting and easy to use. The high heat of the Solaire Infrared Burner cooks at a fraction of the time of conventional grills and makes food juicer and more flavorful. Solaire grills are perfect for grilling full meals or just using them for searing after sous vide, smoking, or other cooking methods.

The marine grade stainless steel makes this Solaire grill more resistant to corrosion. It has a different ratio of base metals that compose the stainless steel which resists the oxidation process metal goes through when it rusts. These grills will last longer if you live near the ocean, live in humid climates, or want to take your grill with you on a boat frequently.



The only assembly is to attach the regulator, the three handles, & the four adjustable feet; otherwise the Solaire Anywhere Marine is ready to use in about 5 minutes out of the box.

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