Grilling Grate for Solaire 27″ Grills, 15G & IRBQ-27G (Petite)- Item #SOL-2713R


Grilling Grate for 27″ Grills & Solaire Accent Grill – Item #SOL-2713R

Replacement V-Channel Grilling Grate for 15G, AGBQ-27G, and IRBQ-27G (Petite) Solaire Grills


  • Single piece construction
  • Heavy Duty Stainless Steel
  • Dimensions: 11 3/8″ w x 13 7/8″ d (11 cooking grids wide)
  • Works with Solaire 27″ Grill, Solaire 27 Petite, and Solaire Accent grill


For 27XL, see SOL-2813. This cooking grate works only with 15G & 27″ Solaire grills. It does not work with any other grill as it likely will not fit.

Make sure to clean your grates after use by doing the 5 minute burn off after cooking (leave the burners on high for 5 minutes after pulling your food off the grill) and using a grid scraper  to remove debris from them and leave them clean for next use.


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